Short Films

Lamba Neon

Lamba Neon is my first short movie as a director
It took me 2 years to produce this movie in corporate with fig leaf studio in Alexandria

Genre: Fiction short film
Duration: 26 min 
Quality: HDv
Year Of Production : 2008
Produced By : Emad Maher & Fig Leaf Studio 

Written By: Charles Akl
Actors : May waleed – sahdy el garf – Mostafa abo sreaa - mark lofty – mahamed kareem
Music : Shady el garf – may waleed – samir nabil
Dop : Islam Kamal 
Co – Director : Abdullah Sharkas 
Editor : Emad Maher






Screen ShotsThe actual definition of quietness including the non-existence of sound waves and pressures and all of this exists only in outer space..... What you mean is only the theoretical quietness...... do we agree on this?
And this theoretical quietness like down here for instance is interrupted by the noises on the street no matter how far they were, the sound of our footsteps, the sound of your breath and mine and your heartbeats.... No matter how you got used to them and forgot about their existence....
For examples the sound of the clock ticking, the sound of that fridge and the sound of this computer fan.....The sound of that Neon lamp... you got so used to these sounds that they are now a part of you; you won’t realize their importance unless they disappear

Quietness as it is actually defined, including the non-existence of sound waves and pressure and all of that, exists only in outer space. Neon Lamp is a journey into quietness. What does it mean? How is it interpreted? An exploration of apparent human (and inhuman) silence: clocks ticking, lamps buzzing or street noise.




lamba neon from emad maher on Vimeo.



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